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Specializing in Dry Ice Blasting



What is Dry Ice Blasting?


Dry ice blasting is a modern nonabrasive alternative for many conventional cleaning methods such as sand, water, steam, or powder blasting. Using dry ice has the dual advantage of leaving no blast media to dispose of and no foreign residue on the surface to attract dust, dirt, oils, etc. Our services include one time applications as well as scheduled maintenance cleaning. Our mobile dry ice blasting unit can provide environmentally friendly cleaning services to most areas of the continental United States.


Dry ice pellets with an average temperature of  -130ºF are propelled using compressed air

How Does Dry Ice Blasting Work?


Dry ice blasting is similar in principle to sand blasting. Instead of sand, dry ice blasting uses high-density dry ice pellets which are propelled onto a surface using compressed air...



What Are The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting?

•    Dry ice pellets are nonabrasive

•    Wide use of applications

•    No secondary waste stream

•    Highly portable, let us come to you

•    Food grade quality

•    Inhibits mold and bacteria growth

•    Increased productivity

•    Decreased downtime, no disassembly


What Is Dry Ice Blasting Used For?


Dry ice blasting can be used for many different applications from cleaning industrial equipment, to mold remediation, to carefully preserving historical buildings and artifacts...